King James Version

After research and discernment, all New King James Version wallpapers have been replaced with the King James Version. All wallpapers will be only King James Version from this point forward. Although some may find it harder to read, it is the most accurate English version of the Bible. The New King James Version was actually published with the New Age symbol on it of the intertwining symbols which actually make up three 6’s…. But I won’t get any further into this subject. I suggest doing research on your own on the subject. I myself naively assumed it was just an easier to read version of the KJV. It’s not. God bless.

Timeline of Past Events (Possible Future)

Breaking from the norm here and putting out a timeline of events and correlations of numbers involved in those events from what I have gathered. Take it for what you will, but I believe God is constantly making himself and signs to us visible. If you don’t agree with the information, don’t download it. Background in the second picture borrowed fromĀ